31 May 2018

The Nor’Wester

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The Pacific Northwest Division has published its May 2018 issue of the NOR'WESTER.

In this month's edition:

- New Region Directors are announced.

- Liz Dodge publishes some sobering numbers from the last election.

- Shirley Cummings, the lovely PNWD Her-storian wants to know; "What's Your Problem"? Trust me, it has nothing to do with emotional therapy, but I might need a little after writing "Herstorian" in lieu of Historian.

- The Region Directors give a short report about their respective regions. Speaking of a "Short Report" some RDs even publish tentative dates for upcoming OEC Refreshers (Is it too early in the season to say OEC Refresher?)

- The Division Advisor's offer up some insights into last year's activities and what's coming for next season.

- Special Note: Frank Rossi (MTR Advisor) included some helpful information about the Ortovox 3+ recall to upgrade software. If you bought one of these, it needs your attention!!

- There's great information about the upcoming Division Convention in Spokane.
You'll see me there!! (Unless I owe you money)

- We also included an old fashion paper Convention Registration Form. Well it's actually a pdf document that you have to print out and mail, but think of this way... you're helping the US Postal Service reduce it's massive annual deficit by 50 cents. 😬 Ok Ok, I'll get back to work on the online registration form.

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