19 Aug 2018

New Spinal Pathway Evaluation

Use the attached document to help determine if your patient needs a backboard and cervical collar.

10 Aug 2015

How to Teach OEC 5e

The following information came from Deb Endly - National OEC Program Director on June 22, 2015, being sent to Division OEC Supervisors who passed it down to their Region OEC Administrators on June 23rd. The ROA’s have shared this with the OEC Instructors and IT’s in their Regions.

At the division convention this past weekend it was requested that this information be posted to the PNWD website. Hence this posting. https://vimeo.com/131190001.

If you have any questions about the video or information about How to teach OEC 5e please make contact/inquiry through your assigned IT, Region Administrator, OEC Supervisor, or myself as Division Director.

The PNWD Leadership and the National Office ask that you work through the program chain rather than calling the national office directly. The office staff simply cannot get all their program work done when they get calls from members for things that could be handled more locally. Please help us help you and at the same time help the office and organization.

Liz Dodge
PNWD Division Director
Author: Ian Doremus