15 Oct 2017

Vote in the upcoming NSP election

Vote in the upcoming NSP election

The 2017 National Board election opens on October 15th and runs through December 1st. 

Members must have a valid email address on file with the NSP to be able to vote in the election. The candidate platform statements and applications are available on the NSP website for you to review. Additionally, accompanying the fall Ski Patrol Magazine mailed on October 1 should have received the 2017 Fall Ski Patrol Catalog, and a printed copy of the Board Election Pamphlet. 

Be on the lookout for this important information in your mailboxes starting the second week of October!!

Author: Ian Doremus

18 Sep 2017

The PNWD Senior Candidate Guidebook is available.

Attention all PNWD; Regional Directors, Patrol Directors, and Senior Program Coordinators, the final version of the PNWD Senior Candidate Guidebook is now available!!

To view the final version of Guidebook click here: PNWD Senior Candidate Guidebook


7 Sep 2017

The NorWester - September Edition

Attention Pacific Northwest Division Ski Patrollers!!  The September edition of the NorWester has been uploaded and is available for download.


13 Aug 2017

2017 Division Convention Photos

Check out photos from the 2017 Division Convention held at the Portland Airport Sheraton.  

Division Convention Photos